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About Our Compnay

Script Solution is a Web Agency based in India, specialized in helping companies to position themselves in the digital world. With a team of professionals with years of experience in the fields of web design, software development, mobile app development, web marketing and graphic design, it is able to offer tailor-made services for each company.

Creativity, dedication to the customer and great ambitions are the fundamental principles of Script Solution.Combining a wealth of experience and technical knowledge to lead businesses to success and become a leader in the sector.

We believe that the digital world is taking on a new value, becoming a strategic lever capable of contributing to the achievement of better business results and the transformation of one's way of doing business.

Our team is made up of experts who have been working for over 7+ years in various digital fields before founding Script Solution, studying on their own "skin" the continuous changes of the web in perpetual updating, keeping up with the times to stand out and win on the market.

We're Good At

Services Offer


Our web agency offers a website design service. A way to revolutionize your website design and make it perfect for browsers and search engines. In the latter case we can also recommend an SEO and positioning work .


We specialize in developing responsive and professional websites. We provide the customer with the most disparate solutions, in order to give a unique and original interface to the website of their company.


We are a Top SEO consultant in Lucknow who provides professional advice to businesses on how to optimize their website to rank higher in search results. The SEO consultants for small businesses to achieve their business goals.


We provide a mobile app development service for those companies that look far. We are the ideal partner for the development of mobile apps for all devices (iOS applications, Android applications, web apps). A professional and complete work that starts from graphic design up to programming.


Digital marketing strategy is a combination of several different, complementary and complementary digital marketing channels, which allows you to create much more traffic to your website.


We are specializes in the creation of graphic advertising projects, corporate identity design and advertising communication , offering creativity and high professionalism. We works alongside small, medium, large companies and freelancers dealing with image communication, with customized and unique solutions.

Our Working Process

We do things differently

Just after having our first meeting with clients, we start gatethering the details of their projects.

Our team has been delivering complex high valued projects in leading edge fields. We use the latest techniques and technologies to work such as PHP, DOT NET, SQL, Mysql databases, etc.


Analysis of requirements by gathering, processing, specifying and validating the requirements that lead to the creation of the analytical model and / or the specification of the requirements.



It describes the operations to be performed, the risks of the project, the resources required, the products to be made and a work schedule.


Design & Coding

Includes data design, architecture design, interface design, component design. A design model and / or design specification is created. After Complete Planning, start the Code generation


Testing & Deployment

Testing activities that aim to identify and correct errors. And After the Complete testing the software is delivered to the customer, who evaluates the product.

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Why Choose Us

Implementing an online project can turn into a nightmare both in terms of implementation times and execution costs.
The technological partner a company turns to to implement a software project often promotes solutions that are familiar to it without worrying about finding alternatives that are technologically better or more suited to the goal to be achieved.

Analysis of alternative solutions


"Taylor made" solution


Step-by-step Implementations